😍A spectacled flying fox (Pteropus conspicillatus) pollinating a black bean tree (Castinoperum australis), a prized timber tree in Australia.

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#SundayStudentScholar Yogishah Bunsy, PhD candidate at the University of Mauritius, will be in Mauritius studying how to use the endangered endemic insular bat as a model species to inform conservation, human health, and the agro-economy.
📸 Yogishah Bunsy

Get your abstracts in for the 2nd World Bat Twitter Conference #WBTC2! 🦇

An amazing inclusive and free platform to spread the bat love across the world!

Check out the #conference sessions and submit your presentation at http://worldbats.wordpress.com

Next in the Diversity & Distribution session we speak about insular 🦇.

"Bat responses to land use change in a subtropical island (#Madeira): insights using low-cost autonomous detectors (#AudioMoths)"

Great work led by @acaptainplanet #EBRS2021 #bats

📢A call for action: more research needs to be done in Japan🇯🇵 to know the #bat fauna and their conservation status.
Excellent presentation by Jason H. Preble at @15thBat
@KyotoU_News #EBRS2021 #BatConservation

A Nathusius' pipistrelle flew from Minsmere in England directly to Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands) in one night. This is the first detection of such a crossing through a telemetry study of the migration of Nathusius' pipistrelles. https://www.wur.nl/en/news-wur/Show/Nathusius-pipistrelle-crosses-the-North-Sea-in-one-night.htm

Only 4 bat-related PhD theses have been done in Finland with bats. However, several are about to be defended. Stay tunned! #EBRS2021

Also, Finland is home to (at least) 13 bat species 🙂

#windturbines are positive for #climate but can be negative for #bats and #birds. This situation is considered as a green-green dilemna but has concrete solutions like #curtailing. Read more in the blogpost from @ConservConflict https://medium.com/@ConservConflict/conflict-exploration-wind-turbines-407ed2affb46

Interested in bats? Interested in climate change? Interested in how climate change affects bats? Look no more and follow @batstothefuture #bats #conservation #climatechange #climatecrisis https://climbats.eu/

We are looking to develop a network to monitor and predict changes in #bat distribution, and inform future conservation in Europe. Step 1: find out what is already being done. #climatechange http://www.climbats.eu @COSTprogramme

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