Catching up with progress in our #bats and #climatechange project. Distribution change models nearly complete! We now want to set up a monitoring network across Europe. If you are an NGO and want to join in, please get in touch. #bats2thefuture @_BCT_ @COSTprogramme

It's been two months since the start of the new sampling season and 1st temporal replication has been done for all sites. Studying #bat activity in relation to #HumanPressures.
REALLY open to #collaborations! Always ready for a πŸ¦‡chat.

@WildlifeAcoust #bats #AcousticMonitoring

Did you know? 😱 Not only are #bats usually immune to cancer and arthritis, but they also have unusually long life spans for an animal of their size. We still have so much to learn from these amazing mammals! πŸ¦‡

Photo and quote from @MerlinsBats #animalfacts

Do you have a farm? Did you grow up on a farm? Are you from a farming community with a farm background? We want to hear from you!
*ARE BATS ON YOUR FARM RADAR?* survey is open! Win a bat detector! Help bats! Thank you for recruiting your friends!

#Ecotourism for #Bat #conservation
There are limited literature on how bat ecotourism could raise public awareness and support towards bat protection.

Congratulations to our #WTBC2 Most Creative Presentation award winner Diogo Ferreira @acaptainplanet from @CIBIO_InBIO with: 'Putting a price on the menu: evaluating bat and bird ecosystem services in African cocoa farms'
A very creative thread, enjoy your🎁 from @LittleLeapers_!

Our chapter on the European free-tailed bat (Tadarida teniotis) for the #HandbookoftheMammalsofEurope - @SpringerRef is out!
photo: @adria_baucells

Great to see #bird & #bat #exclosures implemented in olive agroforestry systems in Europe!

Thanks to @SEO_BirdLife & all speakers in this round table @olivaresvivos for sharing their findings to pave the road for more #sustainable #olive #groves
πŸŒΏπŸ¦πŸ¦‡ #OlivaresVivos

1 #WBTC2 #Con2
#Offshore #windPower has been identified as an emerging threat to #bats. E Asia where OWP is growing quickly represents a global data gap. We sampled bat activity offshore in NE Taiwan for 33 months from 2017 Sep to 2021 Apr using boat-based #acoustic surveys.

Late-night UV torchlighting for hairstreak #butterfly larvae in Sussex – white-letter, brown and black hairstreak caterpillars all found with relative ease. @BCSussex @savebutterflies @ukbutterflies

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