Many of our British horseshoe #bat roosts are far from water. Should we be planning ponds for them as we prepare for warmer summers? Question from @devonbatproject conference today. Any thoughts or experiences to share? #ClimateChange #batstothefuture

Observer retention, site selection and population dynamics interact to bias abundance trends in #bats @ProfKateJones @JAppliedEcology

How to combat one of Europe's most destructive beetles? #Bats! Yes, using #naturebasedsolutions is exactly what these orchard farmers in Eindhoven set out to do. They set up a bat hotel, allowing them to farm worry-free šŸ¦‡

Is hibernation disrupted by #climatechange? Today's workshop set up the process for a #SystematicReview. Lots of papers to review now! Let us know if you want to get involved #batstothefuture @COSTprogramme #bats #conservation #ClimateEmergency

ClimBats COST Action network WG1 online meeting with 42 participants from >20 countries on #modelling bat responses to #ClimateChange - great to get together and get things moving again! #batstothefuture #bats @batstothefuture

Please RT! We are looking for volunteers to join our straw-coloured fruit bat monitoring network across Africa. We need someone in Mali who could count the Bamako colony. Help us uncover where and why this keystone species migrates across Africa @animaltracking @dechmannlab

New blog by @Bat_Yann for @GlobalBatNet On how #ClimateChange is threatening #bats šŸ¦‡

Study by UC Davis finds that multiple bat species are poor receptors for COVID. They are not getting or spreading the virus!

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