Management Committee Member
Bat Conservation IrelandUlex House, Drumheel, LisduffIrelandVirginia

Niamh has been to the forefront of developing and implementing citizen science-led bat monitoring schemes in Ireland. In her role at Bat Conservation Ireland, she manages a cross-border citizen science scheme for monitoring trends in three common Irish bat species, and another project tracking trends in lesser horseshoe bats. Within the context of these schemes, she has been examining the factors impacting on bat trends in Ireland. This research has included modelling impacts of weather on past bat activity, and predictive modelling to determine potential changes in common Irish bat species in future climate change scenarios. She was lead author of the award winning book ‘Irish Bats in the 21st Century’ published in 2014, and contributed bat species accounts to the Atlas of Mammals in Ireland 2010-2015 (2016). She has been a consultee on national policies for bat conservation and the Irish red list for mammals. She is currently collaborating with Queen’s University Belfast on a project on bats and climate change, and with University College Dublin on upcoming new research on Irish Bats and Ecosystem Services.