Management Committee Member
Patronat Municipal del Museu de Granollers, Francesc Macià 51, Spain, Granollers

After reading his PhD in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2009), Carles created the Bat Research Area in the Granollers Natural Sciences Museum. Since then, his group has led a variety of projects focused on Catalonian bats conservation, including exploring the roles of bats as bioindicators and as a pest controllers (supported by a scholarship grant from the Spanish Ministry of Technology and Innovation (2011 to 2019)). However, the most important achievement of this research group has been the creation of the Catalan Bat Research Network in cooperation with the Catalan Government, which is also sponsored by private companies. During the last five years Carles Flaquer has been combining research with other roles as the museum including management, exhibition curation, and creating networks between the Granollers Natural Sciences Museum and other cultural and research institutions.