Working Group 2 Vice-coordinator
Natural Sciences Museum of Granollersc/Palaudàries, 102. Jardins Antoni Jonch Cuspinera, Spain, Granollers

Adrià López-Baucells is an associate researcher at the Natural Sciences Museum of Granollers, Catalonia. He is dedicated to bat research and conservation, and uses applied ecology to study and promote sustainable land use and bat conservation worldwide. He completed his PhD at the University of Lisbon in 2018 on long-term impacts of forest fragmentation on insectivorous bat communities using autonomous bat detectors in the Amazonian forests. His main areas of interest include the ‘soundscape’ exploration, pest control services of bats, and the implementation of national bat monitoring schemes. He started working at the Bat Research Group, Natural Science Museum of Granollers in 2005. Since then, he has collaborated with several projects on habitat selection, behaviour and diet (including pest control) in the Iberian Peninsula, among other topics. He has recently been leading research on bats in a wide range of countries including Colombia, French Guiana and Brazil, Australia, Kenya and Madagascar.